Friday, August 1, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Zoe & I met up with two teachers (Jen and Sandy) that I work with and their daughters (Morgan, Ella, and Riley) to see an outdoor production of Beauty and the Beast. Since one of our co-workers was the director last night, the four girls got to go backstage and meet the characters before the show began. Zoe was in awe! The play was very good and it featured several of my former students as well as my co-worker Jennifer.

Belle & Zoe!

The Beast & Zoe!

How fun is that Clock!

The Candlestick (my co-worker's husband)!

Love the Teapot & Kettle!

The Silly Girls - Zoe is sitting on my former student Brianna's lap!

Ella, Morgan, & Riley posing with the spoon & knife.

I told Zoe after the play that perhaps since we saw Belle and the Beast so close to home that maybe we didn't need to go to Disney World! She didn't like that idea. By seeing the production it has just made Zoe that more excited about leaving for vacation tomorrow. She told her dad last night that she plans on buying Maggie a princess outfit. Of course, he just shook his head and rolled his eyes!

As you can imagine we are busy, busy, busy today with laundry, packing, getting the pool ready for the week, and cleaning. (Yes, I would like my house to be in somewhat of an order when I get back!) Besides all of that, I am heading to the doctor's office today at 3:30 to see Dr. Deb. Started getting a sore throat yesterday. I'm afraid I may be getting strep throat so I want to get some medicine for the trip. I'd hate to get to Disney and feel awful all week. That would stink! So, off to the doctors this afternoon for a throat culture - Gross! I'll let ya know how it goes!

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