Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to Work & Day Care

Well, yesterday it was back to work for me & back to daycare for Zoe. Not exactly what either one of really wanted to do, but sometimes things are a must! Anyway, I had a full day of orientation at school. It was nice to see all of my co-workers & get caught up on every one's summer. However, just thinking of the school year starting & summer vacation so far away brings sad thoughts to my head. This was the first summer since having Zoe that she did not attend daycare two days a week. And, I must admit, I absolutely LOVED every minute of every day with her. We had such a great summer. We really didn't do a whole lot, but it was just fun hanging out with her. I will definitely be keeping her home with me in the summer. (Better enjoy it now because there might be a time when it's not "cool" to hang with mom!)

Since Zoe hadn't been to daycare in a few months I was a little worried about her reaction when her daddy dropped her off yesterday morning. I talked to him about mid-morning & he said that she was a little overwhelmed because all of the kids were yelling her name & running to her as soon as she walked in the door. By the time I picked her up in the afternoon things had calmed down & she was playing outside with one of her good friends - Carson. She told me that she had a good day but she would have rather stayed home with me!!!

Last night Zoe & Paul attended an informational meeting at the school where Zoe will be starting 4-year old pre-school next week. Because there are so many kids signed up for the class, the school has decided to split the class. So, Zoe will once again have Miss Cheri as a teacher & will be in class with some of her girlfriends - Reagan, Gracie, & Kaedyn.

I couldn't attend the pre-school meeting because I had a school board meeting which ended up being very long. We were interviewing architectural firms & then discussed our feelings about them afterwards. Needless to say, I got home about midnight. (I wasn't very happy when the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning!)

Today was my first day with students. It wasn't too bad because they were only in attendance from 8 AM-10 AM. Tomorrow will be a full day so I will have the opportunity to meet all 150 of my students.

On my way home from school today I finally had the opportunity to talk to a high school friend. He & I had been playing phone tag for about 4 days. Jimmy currently lives in Houston, TX & seems to be doing quite well. It has been years since we have seen or spoken to each other. Not a big deal though. We picked up right where we left off. It was as if we talk to each other all of the time. Anyway, Jimmy was inquiring if I knew if our class was going to have a 20 year reunion next year. (YIKES! 20 years already! Boy, I'm getting old!) Told him I would do some checking but I expected him to stay in touch!

Tonight I started to fix dinner & had turned on the stove to pre-heat. Well, the next thing I know, the oven sparked & there was a small fire. No big deal though. Paul called a friend of ours who is a fireman & he said that it was just the heating element going out in our electric oven. He told Paul to make sure the oven door was closed & locked & then had Paul shut off the circuit breaker. It wasn't long & the fire had put itself out. Paul called the local appliance store & they will order the needed part first thing in the morning. So, I got out of cooking tonight. I wonder how long it will be before the oven is fixed!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to this weekend. Paul & I are going to see The Boss - Bruce Springsteen - with several other couples. Zoe will be spending the night with my parents. She's looking forward to that because she always enjoys playing with her cousins.

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