Monday, February 28, 2011

Since I Last Posted....

Paul celebrated his 48th birthday February 16th. We celebrated at home with a game that Zoe made - Pin the Nose on the Pig. She was very proud of the pig & nose that she drew. She made her dad go first.

Don't you love the blind fold she came up with - her sleeping mask!

Zoe having Daddy pause before his first try.
Wrong way, Paul. The pig is hanging on the fridge!
Next up - Zoe. She couldn't keep from laughing!
She's much closer than Dad.
We all enjoyed playing Pin the Nose on the Pig. After about 3 rounds, we all finally got the hang of it. It put a fun twist to dad's birthday. Which by the way, he was very happy with because Zoe & I got him tickets to go see these guys in a few weeks:
Let me just tell ya, Paul is SUPER excited! He's thinking about pulling out a flannel shirt & some camouflage to wear to the show. (I told him that's fine. He'll just fit right in!)
Then, just a few days ago Zoe, Avery (her friend), & I welcomed home this little guy at the airport:
You talk about a cutie! We arrived at the airport about 20 minutes before their flight was supposed to arrive, only to find out the flight was delayed about 2 hours. So, we just hung out.
Zoe patiently waiting.
Avery, Zoe, & Big Sister Ashlyn showing off a sign that someone had made.
Zoe's sign. (A little too much glare...)
As they walk towards the gate. (Big Sister & Brother ran to Mom, Dad, & Eli)
Zoe acting silly with Eli's cousin Nick.
Everyone who showed up at the airport to welcome Eli home.
What a blessing his is!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Look at the New Little Valentine!

Not sure if you remember the post I did about our friends adopting a little boy from China they were going to name Eli?! (If you don't, you can check it out here.) Anyway, I am so excited to let you know that our friends, Jered & Nicole, met their little guy yesterday. They are so in love.
Isn't he such a cutie?!

What a blessing that little Valentine is! (Feel free to follow Eli's journey home here.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

State Champions!!!

Oh where has the time gone?! Since I last posted, Zoe & I both had four more snow (or should I say ice) days. That brings our total to 9 snow days thus far this school year. My school is looking at getting out around May 24th or so. I haven't heard about Zoe's school yet.

Speaking of my school, our junior high girls' basketball team won the state championship for the medium sized schools. Very cool, huh?! Four of the starters on the team are only in 7th grade - three of them in my homeroom - so it should be exciting again next year.

I volunteered to chaperone the student fan bus all three nights to the state tournament. I must say the students were very well behaved. They cheered & rooted our girls to victory. So, so, proud of their behavior. The night of the championship game Zoe actually road the fan bus with me because her friend Morgan (I teach with her mom.) was going as well. The two of them had a great time.

Olivia (one of my students), Zoe (with her 4 front teeth missing!), & Morgan.

State Champions!