Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Catching Up....

Since we've been home from vacation it seems like the laundry has been never ending. We have enjoyed ourselves the last couple of days. Haven't really done a lot, just piddled around the house. Except for Sunday evening & all day yesterday, Zoe & I have been trying to put things away & catch up on household duties!!!

Sunday evening we had a few people over to swim & eat. Zoe always enjoys playing with the big kids. She especially had a blast swimming with Jess. She asked me while we were eating outside if she could just jump in & I said okay. So, she jumped in & swam for a little while in her clothes. Then, she got tired of that & put on her swimsuit. Here's a few pictures from Jess's & Zoe's pool time:

Clothes still on.........

Using her shirt as a tissue!

Every time I would try to take their picture together, Zoe would turn around!

R-O-C-K-ETS - Rockets, Rockets, are the BEST!!!!

Ready - Jump!

Yesterday Zoe & I went to my school & worked on getting my classroom ready. It's hard to believe that I start school next Monday the 18th. I wish there were just a few more weeks left in the summer. It's been so much fun hanging out with Zoe. She will have a week of daycare before 4 year old pre-school starts. I think she's looking forward to seeing her friends & teachers.

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