Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Little Artist

I actually got home last night from my meeting before Paul & Zoe did from gymnastics. When I asked Zoe how class was she replied that it was terrific. I was thrilled & a little surprised because Paul called me right after the class started & told me that they were starting out in the little gym, but then going to move to the big gym. (That's what Zoe had such a problem with this summer.) Anyway, Paul called me again later & told me that Zoe was doing wonderful & that she was having a great time. So, all is well. And, she told me that she can't wait to go again next week so she can see her new teacher, Miss Emily!!!!

Apparently after gymnastics Paul needed (????) to do a few errands. I'm not so sure going to the Golf Store is really a need, but they went anyway. From there they went to one of our entire family's favorite places - Borders. Paul ended up buying Zoe an art set that teaches one how to draw the Disney Princesses. By the time they got home last night it was too late for Zoe to start on them so as soon as she walked in the door from daycare today she went right to the dining room table & got down to business. I must admit that she's pretty talented for a 4 year old. Heck, she's more artistically talented than me. Anyway, she brought these to me a little while ago & I was so impressed that I had to share.

Snow White





Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)


Pretty darn good, huh?! I was quite impressed! So was her daddy. In fact, he thought she did so well that he asked her to teach him how to draw the Princesses. So, here's a couple of pictures of the two of them working at the table. He's being a great student while Zoe instructs him. I asked her if she would like to be a teacher like mommy & she replied - "No, I'm gonna be a cheerleader!" (Sorry, Janelle, you're gonna have to do a little more convincing it seems.)

Working hard at learning how to draw the Princesses.

Taking time our for smiles!

After drawing all of the princesses, Zoe had to get one of her Princess costumes on. She came out of her room announcing that our little princess had arrived.

She melts hearts!

Zoe had a good day at daycare. However, when I picked her up several of the teachers were laughing because her little jean skort was falling down. Every time she would run on the playground, she would have to hold up her skort. (Reminds me of some of my students, but they wear there trousers like that on purpose.) Come to find out her dad had not adjusted the waist in her skort. Imagine that. So, the poor girl went all day having to hold up her skort. And to top it all off, she accidentally spilled grape juice on her shirt at morning snack. Not just a little either - all over the front. With all that has been going on this week, we forgot to pack a bag with an extra change of clothes in it to keep in her cubby just in case she ever has an accident. So, I guess you could say that is my fault. I promised Zoe that Mommy & Daddy would get it together this next week & be a little more organized. (She didn't seem to mind either way.)

Tomorrow Paul & I are headed to the Springsteen concert with friends. Zoe's anxious to get to Nana & Paw Paw's for the night. Her cousin Caleb has a football game so she might get to watch that. I'm not sure what my parents have planned for the night, but she will have a blast & enjoy every one's company.

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