Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Fun

Tuesday we had several people come over to hang out in the pool. Zoe was thrilled to play with "her cousins" Jack & Kate who were in town visiting their real aunt, uncle, & cousins. We also got to see their new little brother Joe. He is just precious! Some neighbor girls also came over. Not only did they swim, but they were also kind enough to color with Zoe.

Lyndsay & Zoe - Best Buddies!

Little Fish Kate!

"Cousins" Jack & Zoe!

Kate gets a little push from her mom Carrie!

Baby Joe fast asleep!

Look at those cheeks!

In the late afternoon Zoe went to the movies with her "cousins" and their family. (Dad Jon, Grandma Ellen, Aunt Holly, Uncle Toby, and cousins Abbie and Bennett.) They saw Space Monkeys. The kids seemed to like it & most of the adults said it was okay.

Wednesday we just kind of hung out around the house. It rained in the morning but ended up being a nice day after all. That evening Zoe and Maggie had their pictures taken in matching dresses - black with very small white polka-dots with a pink bow! However, Zoe's dress was a little too short so we ended up having her wear pink shorts underneath. I cannot wait to get those pictures back from the photographer. I'm afraid they are going to be very cute - so cute I'll end up purchasing several of them!

Maggie wonders what is so cute about this dress!

Today we are packing, doing laundry, etc. Just getting ready for our Disney trip. We leave in 2 days! Yahoo! Tonight Zoe & I are going with a teacher (Jen) I work with and her little girl (Morgan) to see Beauty and the Beast. It's just a small production being put on in the town I teach in. A couple of my former students are in the play so that will be fun. Plus, Zoe & Morgan get to meet the characters before the play starts. I will be sure to take a lot of pictures!

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