Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday @ Animal Kingdom & Downtown Disney

We stayed up way too late. The three of us did not want to get up this morning, but we had to. We already had breakfast reservations at Animal Kingdom with some of the characters. So, go to bed around 2 AM & get up at 7:30 AM! Wow! It was a short night! Anyway, we had breakfast & then we did a little wondering around the park. We rode a safari ride & also saw a Pocahontas show. Zoe sweet talked her daddy into getting her a Pocahontas outfit since she didn't have that particular princess dress-up at home. We left Animal Kingdom in the early afternoon & ended up taking about a 3 hour nap in our room back at the resort. Then, we boarded the Disney Resort bus & went to Downtown Disney. It is basically a lot of shops. Zoe was loving it because she was made over by her Fairy-Godmother-in-Training Chantel at the Bobbidi Bippidi Boutique. Zoe chose to be Belle. Once she was finished we walked around, bought some souvenirs, ate supper, etc. It wasn't a late night because as you can imagine, we were very tired from the night before!

This is the Tree of Life & what you see as soon as you walk into the park!

Breakfast with the characters at Animal Kingdom:

Safari Donald Duck giving Zoe a squeeze!

Mickey Mouse signing an autograph for Zoe!

Goofy always acting silly!

Our pictures from the safari ride............

Misc. pictures.....

From the Jungle Book!

Zoe pointed this out to us. Isn't this cool?

And here's the finished product!

The Pocahontas show..............

Our own little Pocahontas!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe being made into Belle by her Fairy Godmother-in-Training Chantel at Downtown Disney....

Our Princess at the Harley Davidson store at Downtown Disney...........

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