Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Finally Friday....

This week went by soooo slow. I am looking forward to the weekend. However, I have a lot that needs my attention - laundry, housework, dishes, toilets, etc. Plus, I brought home about a 4 inch stack of papers that I need to grade. Thankfully there is no school on Monday so I could possibly get everything completed.

This evening I took Zoe to get fitted in her flower girl dress for the late September wedding she is in. The dress is absolutely gorgeous & looks fantastic on her. There are a couple of alterations that have to be done & then Zoe has to be fitted again. The ladies at the dress shop were laughing at Zoe because she kept twirling around with the dress on & she was really hesitant about taking it off. She thought she was going to get to wear it home.

Tomorrow Zoe & I are attending the wedding of a former co-worker. Then, we hope to have a quiet, peaceful, relaxing evening at home. (If there is such a thing!!!) Not too much on the agenda besides the usual chores. I do plan on getting some packages together for my neighborhood college kids.

Speaking of packages, Erin from The Preppy Pink Whale posted a wonderful shout out to my care package business, Packaged with Care, on August 26th. Pretty cool, huh?!

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