Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Little Gymnast....

Another day, another dollar. School was good today. A little odd, but good. I had one student transported to the ER because he was having a severe asthma attack & then another student ended up getting suspended for punching a classmate. It's unusual for two odd situations to happen in the same day. Needless to say, by the time I left school, I was starting to get a headache.

Zoe had her second day of pre-school today. When I picked her up she told me that she loved it. She was excited because had gotten to be snack helper. She made the cutest little spider out of construction paper. The entire way home she explained to me how she made it & told me that she would love to teach me how to make it. Perhaps this weekend she can do just that.

Gymnastics was great tonight. Right before Zoe's class started, in walked Miss Sarah Beth, Zoe's former teacher who we have not seen in several months. (In fact, I assumed she no longer worked there.) Zoe was so excited. Miss Sarah Beth was too. She was filling in for another teacher tonight so she was with Zoe's class the entire time. Once again, Zoe's class started out in the little gym & then moved to the big gym. I was very impressed with Zoe's performance. She is such a natural. I hope she continues to enjoy gymnastics/tumbling because she's so strong at it. I remembered the camera so here are a few pictures:

Before Class Started - In the Little Gym

Miss Emily Helping Zoe Strut Her Stuff!

Practicing Her Hand Stand!

Miss Sarah Beth & Zoe - What a Pair!

Tomorrow is a early out day for me - 11:30 AM. Sounds good, but I have to stay a full day for teacher meetings. I will then be rushing back to town to pick Zoe up from daycare& take her to get fitted for the wedding that she is in at the end of September. I'm looking forward to seeing how the dress looks on her because it is cream with chocolate trim. I'm guessing it's gonna look great with her gorgeous skin. We bought her new shoes tonight to wear with the dress. Nothing fancy, but she loves them & they are chocolate in color. Tried finding a cream color pair, but that was impossible. After the fitting we are then going to watch my nephew Blake's baseball game. He just happens to be playing in the same town where we have to go to the fitting so that works out very nice.

Before I sign off of here I want to share something I read on a Catholic Church's marquee today while I was driving home from work:

Don't stress. Even Moses was once a basket case!

I cracked up. Does anyone else think that is hilarious, or am I just dumb? (Okay, really, you don't have to answer that!) Have a fabulous Friday & a wonderful weekend!!

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