Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday @ Epcot

Since we were out pretty late the night before, we slept in. Zoe insisted on wearing her Belle costume again this morning with her "made-up" hair since we were having lunch with the Disney Princesses. (After lunch we made her change clothes. It was just way too hot for her to wear that fancy dress all day/night.) I was most looking forward to seeing Mulan in China. She is my absolute favorite princess. (You will have to read on to find what cool thing happened with Mulan!) We had a wonderful day & saw lots of characters. Plus, the fireworks/light show was just amazing.

Before lunch with the Princesses:

Lunch in Norway with the Princesses:

Which one is Belle?

Daddy even liked this Jasmine!!!!!

Ariel & Zoe!

Zoe & Cinderella!

Alice (in Wonderland) & Zoe!

As we approached China we were on the lookout for Mulan. Our waitress had told us that we could find her in the courtyard. However, she was nowhere around. So, we walked through the many shops looking at all of the stuff that was for sale & that we had actually brought home for about 1/4 of the price. In one of the shops there was a play area for kids. Well, Zoe sat down & started coloring a Chinese mask. After about 10 minutes had passed, I told Zoe she had about 5 minutes & then we were going to go look for Mulan. Well, just a few seconds later, someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Mulan! She was actually sitting beside Zoe watching her color. Zoe had no clue that Mulan was even beside her. Another lady & I told Zoe to look who was beside her. She looked in every direction except in Mulan's so I finally turned her head so she could see Mulan. Boy, was Zoe surprised. Mulan then took Zoe's hand & walked with her down to the courtyard where she was going to meet guests. It was the coolest thing. I got all kinds of great pictures of the two of them. To top it all off, not only did Mulan take several pictures with Zoe & sign an autograph, but she kissed Zoe's cheek & left a lipstick mark! Zoe thought that was so cool!

Zoe decorating her mask!

Zoe, look who's beside you!

Mulan & Zoe walking to the courtyard!

Aren't they beautiful?!

Mulan signing her name for the little princess!

This was right before Mulan left a mark on Zoe's cheek!

Misc. Character Photos from Epcot:

Mexican Donald Duck found in Mexico

Beauty & the Beast!

Jasmine & Alladin!

Snow White!

Mary Poppins!



Minnie Mouse!


Beautiful pictures from the fireworks/light show:

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