Friday, November 20, 2009

My Little Turkey

Zoe's school's PTO had been conducting a Turkey Raffle to raise money. Last Friday there was an all-school assembly to draw the winning tickets. Each ticket's seller was announced as well as the name of the winners. Zoe was so excited when her name was the very first seller drawn. Little did she know that her name would be announced 4 more times for selling winning tickets. (Kind of crazy that of the 40 winning tickets drawn, Zoe had sold 5 of them.) As you can imagine, she couldn't wait to get home from school & tell her dad all about it. Here she is all dressed up in her Turkey Hat that her kindergarten class made special just for the assembly!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Won't You Help?!

Amy is a new blogger at Lots O Kidz. She is currently doing a very unique fundraiser that all of us need/should participate in. Why? Because it costs us nothing! You see, Amy did a post the other day about being Thankful. In that post she asks readers to leave a comment and for every comment left, she is going to donate $1 to the Starfish Foster Home in China. How cool is that? Amy set a goal of $1000 by the end of November. Could anything get any easier? Head on over here & leave Amy a comment letting her know what you are thankful for this holiday season. And best of all, you will be helping her reach her goal of $1000 to help those children left behind who are just longing for their forever families.

It Happens Every Time!!!!

I don't know why it surprises me because it happens every time. You see, Zoe loves cheerleading. I mean everything cheerleading. She just can't get enough of it. Whenever we go to a basketball game, she is enthralled with the cheerleaders. She watches their every move. So often when we get home from a game, she immediately goes to her room & becomes Zoe the cheerleader. Sometimes she puts on one of the two real uniforms she has, or she'll just make a uniform out of whatever clothing she finds first.

So, why would I think last Saturday would be any different?! We had attended Cousin EJ's college game & then made it to Cousin Caleb's jr. high game. Zoe was really loving Caleb's game because Cousin Bethanie was cheering.

Shortly after arriving home, I'm coming out of the laundry room & sure enough, I turn the corner to only be greeted by this:

Zoe the Cheerleader!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Looking for a Christmas Card? Look no further!

Okay, those of you that know me, realize that I have a passion for our Christmas card. Every year I search on-line for a unique but perfect photo card. I started looking a little early this year. And did I ever find the perfect card!!!!

I just happened to stumble across this etsy shop & boy, am I glad I did. You must check it out for yourself. The quality of work is unbelieveable. Breanna is so easy to work with & very fast. In fact, I had a proof within 12 hours. I did end up asking her to reduce the size of our card once I realized I had enough credits at Sn*pfish for printing all 300 cards that we send out. That wasn't a problem either. After sending Breanna the e-mail, I had the final proof with the size correction within 2 hours. Now how's that for service?! (By the way, you can either use her printing service, or you can have them printed yourself.)

Anyway, I'm not going to tell you what card we chose, but just know, that I will post it on-line closer to the holidays!!!! Until then, go check out her site for yourself. You never know, you might just find your perfect holiday photo card!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gotta Love How She Thinks!!!!

So yesterday Zoe & I went to cousin EJ's college basketball game. As we are watching it, Zoe leans over & asks: "Mom, is EJ in 8th grade?" I explain to her that he's a sophomore in college which would be the same as being in 14th grade. She was okay with that.

Later as we're driving home from the game Zoe says: "You know, Mom, if EJ was younger, I'd probably marry him!"

Got me thinking......perhaps that's why she was hoping he was only in 8th grade!

(Don't ya love the crown: the price tage thing-a-majigger & all?!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Miss Todd

Zoe decided last week that she wanted to turn her playroom into a classroom. She loves playing school so it sounded like a great idea. (Plus, it made for an easy agreement for the room to get cleaned!!) I told Zoe that I would pick up a few things for her "classroom" at the teachers' store. She requested a calendar chart with the months of the year & numbers for the days. She also wanted some sticker charts & stickers.

We set her "classroom" up the other night & she has been "teaching" every day since. She reads to her students, sings songs, teaches the letters of the alphabet, & even teaches a little bit of math.

Here's she singing the months of the year song!

(She's really into it!)

A few of her interested students!

The students' sticker charts....

So, last night, Zoe asked her daddy to join her in her "classroom". While they were in there playing, this is the conversation I hear between the two of them:

Paul - "My feelings are kind of hurt that you didn't want to turn your playroom into a funeral home."

Zoe - "Well, I want to be a teacher like Mommy."

Paul - "Why can't you be both?"

(Zoe doesn't answer!)

Paul - "You know, Zoe, we could clear out that closet over by mom's scrapbook stuff & make that into like a funeral home. That way you could play funeral home director like me in that room just like you're playing teacher like mom in this room."

Zoe - (After a several seconds of thinking about) "Um, no. Not gonna happen!"