Thursday, August 18, 2011

Second Grade

Can you believe it?

Where has the time gone?

Zoe started 2nd grade this week.

And of course, she is LOVING it!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

So. Worth. It.

 Last night we attended the T@ylor Swift concert! Our seats were amazing & so was the concert. Paul & I both agree that it was one of the best concerts we've ever seen.

Hunter H@yes & Need to Bre@the opened for her. Once she took the stage, she performed for about 2 1/2 hours. So, so good!

Here are some of the 106 pictures I took. Enjoy! (we sure did!!!)

And here is how Zoe spent the concert - smiling from ear to ear. She was so excited & Taylor did not disappoint!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Back Home

Even though time flies when we're on vacation, it's always nice to get home. School starts again next week for both Zoe & myself. Not ready to go back to work (summer just went way too fast), but I must admit, it will be nice to get back in a routine. Zoe actually starts school a day before me so I will get to take her to her first day of SECOND grade. This will be the first time I've gotten to take her to her first day of school since she started. I'm excited about it. Gotta make sure the battery is charged in the camera!

Until then, we still have several things going on. Zoe has gymnastics this week before getting a week off. She's having all 18 girls in the second grade over Thursday night for a two hour swimming party. Plus, sometime this week I have to get to my own classroom to get it in order for students' arrival next week.

I'm gonna leave you with a few pictures that were taken the last night we were in Orange Beach. Enjoy!

Always smiling!
Always posing!

Friends Abbie & Benneth with Zoe

Thursday, August 4, 2011

At The Beach

We are at the ocean & loving it. Too bad vacations always have to come to an end. It's been VERY hot here, but so enjoyable. We are loving our time watching the dolphins each morning from our condo's balcony, spending time with each other & good friends. Yesterday's highlight was watching a stingray swim at the water's edge. We've got a few more days before we have to pack up & head home to reality. Hope you enjoy the pictures thus far!!!
Bennett, Abbie, & Zoe in the pool.

Zoe throwing the football with her tongue out!
Washing the sand off her hands.
Taking a break with Mama's hat on.
Posing with the "sand alligator".
Heading to the water...
Zoe's new friend Asia checking out a sea shell.