Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Incentive is in Place.......

I received an e-mail from Tony, a high school classmate, saying that he wants to meet with me about organizing our 20 year class reunion for next summer. (The two of us were major organizers for our 10 year reunion.) What does that mean for me? Time to lose some weight!!!! I was talking to Scott, a co-worker, today about how the incentive to lose weight has now been put in place. He questioned why I would start dieting now when the reunion will be about a year away. I told him that it just might take me that long to get to where I would like to be. He agreed that I should approach the diet thing with a long-term goal in mind! (I guess after talking to me he did indeed realize it probably WILL take me that long to lose weight!!!!) Anyway, the incentive is there. I just have to get my butt in gear & GET 'ER DONE!

Zoe enjoyed another day of daycare. She is really getting to be friends with a little girl named Avery. Zoe has been talking about her non-stop. I knew who Avery was, but wasn't sure if she & Zoe would be in the same class in school. Sure enough - they will both be starting kindergarten next school year. Another friend to add to her list....Tomorrow evening Zoe has gymnastics. This time I get to go along. I plan on taking the camera to get some updated pictures. Of course, I will post any pictures that I get. (Gives you something to look forward to!)

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Janelle said...

You go girl!!! Tell Zoe, Pt, and even Den Den I said hello and I miss all of our random conversations at the kitchen table! Can't wait to see pics and FYI you've got me addicted to reading your blog and writing mine! :)