Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smile of Satisfaction

Zoe's 6th birthday was earlier this month. As part of her present we bought tickets to the Mil*y Cyr*s concert which was actually the night of Zoe's birthday. We had a super duper sign made announcing it was Zoe's birthday & her first ever concert. Zoe was looking so forward to holding up the sign with a slight chance that Mil*y would see it. However, the concert was postponed & took place earlier this week. Believe me, it did not disappoint. Zoe loved every minute of it. As Paul & I were talking later that evening, he said that the moment Mil*y came on stage the first time, he looked over at Zoe & she had that Smile of Satisfaction. (The same smile he had when he saw K*ss in concert the first time!)

Speaking of smile, I thought I would share a couple of pictures that I took before the concert. I just can't get enough of Zoe's dimply smiles! (Just love that girl!!!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Worn Out

Zoe & I did an errand after school yesterday arriving home about 4:30 PM. I immediately started supper & my household chores. After walking down the hall to start a load of laundry, this is what I arrived back to in the kitchen:

At first I thought Zoe was faking. However, upon closer look I realized, she was definitely sound asleep!

I guess if a girls gotta sleep, a girls gotta sleep!!!! School must have worn her out yesterday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

Monday of this week Zoe's kindergarten class went to a local animal farm/petting zoo/pumpkin patch/corn maze - in other words - "a little big of everything" farm. Zoe had a blast & got to pick out a pumpkin to bring home. She couldn't wait to carve it with her daddy. So, last night after dinner & a bath, she & Paul got to work. They had a good time making Zoe's pumpkin into a masterpiece.

Zoe drew the eyes & nose & I drew the mouth according to her directions!

Daddy just got the top off.

And he starts scooping out the inside.

Zoe reaching inside to feel the guts! (Check out that face!)

Daddy, Zoe, & the finished pumpkin!

One proud girl & her perfect pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Camping Weekend

Sorry that's it's been a while since I've posted. It's not because I haven't thought about it, it's just finding the time to do so. Things have been crazy around here. Now that Zoe is in school, I am very involved as a parent. This is her school's busy time of the year with different fundraisers & such.
However, this past weekend we were able to sneak away for some family time by camping. Even though it was cold & rainy, we still had a great time. Thanks to my sweet dad for dropping his motor home off for us. Zoe had so much fun just hanging out - no phones, no Internet, & no tv. (We did have a tv, but no cable. Just good 'ole family movies!) Of course, it helped that we were parked right next to the playground. She spent most of her time playing with the other kids. All weekend she kept saying - "Can't we just live here at the campground? Can't we just live in Paw Paw's camper truck?" Now, she's determined that we gotta get a camper & do that "camping thing" more often!

Putting lip gloss on to ride her bike. Already at 6? What's it gonna be like at 13?!

Coming down the slide!

Posing for the camera!

Practicing her bar routine for gymnastics!

Completing a crossword puzzle while it rains!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zoe Turns 6

Today's Zoe's 6th birthday! So hard to believe that our little girl is growing up. She woke up early this morning & yelled - Today I'm 6!!!

Awaiting for her present!

Her reaction to seeing her present....

A new bike!!!

However, the new bike didn't stay around long. We had bought a training wheels kit to put on it, but quickly discovered that the new bike wasn't acceptable to training wheels. So, we took the new bike back & got a newer bike!!! But not before taking Zoe out for lunch to her restaurant of choice - H**ters!!!! (Yes, that is where she chose to go. She loves their 911 Chicken Strips!)

At H**ters!

The waitress wrote Happy Birthday in ketchup!

Paw Paw Frank telling Zoe Happy Birthday!

Smiling with her H**ters balloon!

And another pose!

Our waitress took Zoe by the hand & had her stand on a chair while all of the waitresses sang to her. Zoe loved it, even acting like a bird & shaking her tail feathers!

Zoe with all of the H**ters waitresses!

Finally at home riding her birthday present - her new new bicycle with her matching helmet!

Happy Birthday, Zoe. We love you!

A Day with the Cards

Saturday Paul, Zoe, Zoe's friend Avery, & I headed to the St. Louis Cardinals game. Paul had gotten the tickets through the funeral home. And let me tell ya, the seats were awesome - second row by the Cardinals dugout! It was a little chilly, but I was prepared with sweatshirts, jackets, & a blanket. Everyone had a great time.

(Warning: Lots of pictures to follow!)

Zoe & Avery hoping to see some players.

Instead they see two of my students. Amanda was there participating in the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk with Albert Pujols & her brother was there supporting her! How cool is that?!

Ryan Ludwick warming up.

Jason LaRue, Kyle Lohse, & Dave Duncan walking to the dugout.

Zoe getting Colby Rasmus's autograph on her ball glove.

Avery getting an autograph from Colby too.

The girls showing their Colby Rasmus autographs on the pink gloves.

Zoe holding her birthday sign. During the game, pitcher Kyle Lohse was entering the dugout & read Zoe's sign & gave a big smile!

Third base coach Jose Oquendo watching the game.

Albert Pujols & Prince Fielder at first base.

Brendan Ryan headed into the dugout.

First base coach Dave McKay talking to Julio Lugo as Prince Fielder stands by.

The Man Himself - Albert Pujols!

Mark DeRosa taking the field.

Catcher Jason LaRue

Pitcher Kyle Lohse

Possible Rookie of the Year - Colby Rasmus!

Rick Ankiel after having just struck out with the bases loaded.

Mark DeRosa yelling for someone in the dugout to get him something.

Outfielder Ryan Ludwick

Matt Holliday the beast!

Someone in the dugout said something to Mark DeRosa.

Albert Pujols warming up to bat!

The players on the bench enjoying the game.

Blake Hawksworth came in to relieve.

National League Come-Back-Player-of-the-Year: Pitcher Chris Carpenter!

Julio Lugo

Pujols up to bat....

And he flies out to center.

Zoe showing off her pink glove & pink Cardinal ball.

The Cardinal Crew girls doing their thing.

Pitcher Joel Pineiro

The Cardinals are in the post season & have their first game tomorrow night. We will be watching & rooting for our Cards!