Friday, May 6, 2011


Things were so crazy the month of March (as you can read from my last post) & it really hasn't seemed to slow down. On top of everything, my T*shiba laptop caught on fire as it was sitting on my desk in use in my classroom. Thankfully, no students were hurt & T*bisha is working on figuring out what the deal is. I'm hoping to hear something from them in a couple of weeks whether my computer is fixable or whether they'll be sending me a new computer. (I'm kind of hoping for a new one!!!)

With the end of school nearing, we find ourselves coming & going. Last night Zoe had her Spring Concert. She did a wonderful job & looked so cute - if I might say so myself!

Posing with her two top teeth STILL missing!

We are headed to my nephew's baseball game this evening. Taking my camera so expect some pictures. I keep telling myself that I've gotta get better at posting on this blog. (Kind of crazy to think my husband now has a blog & posts more often than I do!)

I do have a post in the works. Just waiting for the right time to share.....