Monday, August 11, 2008

Thursday @ Magic Kingdom

Thursday we woke up late & headed to Magic Kingdom for the day. We had a few goals to meet: ride Dumbo & the Magic Carpet. Paul insisted on seeing the Hall of Presidents' performance before we had dinner with several characters. We didn't make it a late night. Ended up back at the resort about 9 PM. We then started cleaning & tiding things up for our departure the next morning. Here's the lowdown from the day:

Dinner at Liberty Tavern - What fun it was hanging out with the characters. This was the best character meal we had. Not because of the characters, but the food. It was delicious! (The apple crisp rocked!!!!) Plus, Zoe had a grand time.

Pluto signing an autograph for Zoe!

Minnie Mouse is one of Zoe's favorites!

Is this Chip or Dale?!

Is this Dale or Chip?!

Watching Goofy sign his name!

Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride - Zoe loved this ride so much that we had to ride it several times. She thought it was great being the pilot & having control of whether we were up in the air or at ground level.

The Genie's in the top!

Getting ready to ride the Magic Carpet!

Turn around before the ride starts!

Loving the Hats - Once we got back to our resort, we stopped off at the gift shop. Zoe had a blast trying on the many different hats. These are some of my favorite pictures of the week. Hope you enjoy them!

Is that Zoe or Chip?

Is this cute or what?!

Only Stitch could appreciate!

Where did Zoe go?!

Goofing off!

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