Monday, May 31, 2010

Kuddos To Our Nephews

As you know, the past two weeks have been a blur. We've been so busy going from place to place. Two of those places revolved around our nephews, Caleb & Zack. Caleb graduated 8th grade & Zack's high school varsity baseball team won the regional championship.

Caleb's Graduation:

Caleb watching his classmates enter graduation.

Caleb receiving his diploma.

Zoe holding her cousin Gracie!

Gracie doing her goofy smile!

Cousins Gracie & Zack!

Caleb, the graduate, & Zoe!

Zack's Championship:

Zack on first base after bunting.

Zack swinging for a hit.

Celebrating after the last out!

Team picture with the Regional Championship plaque.

Zack & Zoe after the win!

Friday, May 28, 2010

An End & a Beginning

Yesterday was Zoe's last day of being a Level 3 gymnast. She has a week off & then will be moving up to Level 4 where she will start competing. She is very excited about this new endeavor. After many stressful discussions about the commitment (10 hours of practice a week)for a 6 year old, Paul & I decided we would try it since this is what Zoe wants to do. We can't get her to play t-ball nor soccer. All she wants to do is gymnastics. In fact, every time you turn around she is doing a hand stand, back walk-over, back handspring, etc.

Level 3 Gymnasts: Claire (sister to Lilly. not in Zoe's class but was doing a make-up session), Makenna, Zoe, Raina, Lilly, & Emma. Missing was: Belle & Tea'!

Then, of course, Zoe took her first swim of the summer in our pool yesterday! We recently changed it from chlorine to salt water. We're anxious to see how we're going to like it. Zoe had no problems with it. Except, for the fact that it was a mere 84'. I did turn the heater on, but Zoe insisted on swimming before the water even heated up.

Walking down the pool steps.

The cool temperature doesn't phase her a bit.

Color changing goggles for the season!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

(I'm a little behind & having to catch up. It's been a crazy two weeks with the end of school. I know some of you check our blog faithfully & probably thought I had flew the coop. Sorry, I will try to be more productive on here!)

Zoe graduated from kindergarten. Hard to believe that my little girl is going to be in first grade next year. When asked which teacher she would prefer next year, she said it didn't matter because she likes both of them. However, she would prefer all of the girls be in one class & the boys in the other!

Zoe & Shawn walking down the aisle.

Mrs. Green, Zoe's teacher, introducing her students.

Zoe waiting to get her diploma.

After receiving her kindergarten diploma!

Gotta love those dimples!

Mr. Nail, the school principal.

Zoe receiving the academic award for her class!

Mr. Kramer, Zoe's art teacher.

Zoe also received the art award for the entire kindergarten!

Singing during graduation!

Zoe's kindergarten class.

Wilson, Zoe, & Sydney!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kindergarten Field Trip

I had the privilege of being chosen as one of the parent chaperones for Zoe's kindergarten field trip. We headed to the zoo with a sack lunch & umbrellas in tow. Even though the forecast was calling for storms, it turned out to be a beautiful day. No rain in sight! The animals were out & about which was an even better.

Ashley, Calista, & Zoe - my little group!

Grizzly bear pacing back & forth.

Penguins enjoying their outside habitat.

Having a mid-morning nap!

Zoe & Ashley petting a rabbit in the Children's Zoo.

Hanging out on the playground.

Two baby elephants splashing around in the water tank!

Same two babies getting out of the water to dry off.

Kindergarten Class of 2010!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Concert & Art Show

Zoe's spring concert & art show was last night. We were anxious to see the concert because Zoe has been practicing the songs for weeks. It ended up being very good. Plus, it's always fun to see the little ones display their talents. Of course, Zoe was more excited about showing us her art work. (Each student got to pick two projects to display at the art show.) She loves art class & her art teacher. In fact, she can't get enough of art & Mr. Kramer.

(You'll notice in the pictures that Zoe isn't smiling very well. Earlier this week she accidentally hit her mouth & has a terrible sore on the gum line of her upper jaw. Therefore, it hurts when she smiles. So, we will have to settle for the 1/2 smile!)

Posing before the concert.

Love that girl!

Singing her heart out!

Paying attention to Ms. Hagan, the music teacher.

The bulletin board displayed outside Zoe's classroom.

Each student made his/her own self!

Zoe's "Primary Color" display.

And, Zoe's favorite art work - her snowman!

After the concert & art show, we headed to our local pizzeria for dinner. We let Zoe invite a friend. She chose Mack (short for Mackenzie), who I'd take anywhere. The girl has some awesome manners!

Mack & Zoe