Monday, August 11, 2008

Wednesday @ Hollywood Studios

We were scheduled to have brunch with several of the Playhouse Disney characters this morning so we found ourselves up & at it plenty early. We had heard that Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM) was a neat place. And, they were right. We absolutely loved it. The buildings were all very cool. Plus, it was a very relaxing park. By far our favorite Disney park.

Once arriving at the park we found the restaurant & were quickly seated. Zoe had a blast with all of the characters. Check them out:

Goliath trying to get Zoe to dance with him!

June from the Little Einsteins!

Leo from Little Einsteins!

Trying to get the kids to sing & dance during brunch.

Zoe & JoJo!

Here's a few misc. pictures of different sites within the park:

Huge Coke bottles. One was actually a sprinkler!

Mickey's Fantasia hat right when you walked into the park.

A billboard painted to look like a San Francisco street.

Building fronts made to look like a NY city neighborhood.

If you asked Zoe what character(s) she enjoyed meeting the most on vacation she would probably tell you the POWER RANGERS! She was in awe! She had been telling us for weeks that the Power Rangers were going to be at Disney World while we were there because she had seen it on the Disney Channel. We didn't really know if she had heard the tv correctly or not. Well, she had! And, she told us! When Paul read the park guide he told her that the Power Rangers were going to make an appearance & she replied - "I already told you that! See, I WAS right! You didn't believe me, did you?"

Zoe with Alex & Lisa - (It's always nice to be friends with the escorts of the characters. That way you get to go first for an autograph & pictures when the characters come out!)

Cool car, huh?!

May the Power be with You!

Yellow Ranger - AKA: Ronnie

White Ranger - AKA: Trent

Pink Ranger - AKA: Kim

Red Ranger - AKA: Jack

Can you believe that Zoe rode the Tower of Terror? We were so proud of her. She wasn't afraid until we actually got on the ride. After it was over she told us that she did NOT like that ride & would NEVER ride it again. I happened to love the ride, but she & Paul hated it!

Before getting in line....

Standing in line for the Tower of Terror...

And still standing in line.....

Here are some random characters that Zoe was thrilled to meet:

Hugs from Stitch!

Buzz Lightyear only stamped his autograph!

Monsters Inc......

Mean Roz also from Monsters Inc.

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