Sunday, August 9, 2009

What Ever Works!

Zoe has always been so good about going with the flow. And the last two weeks since I've been sick have been no different. Never once has she complained about me not feeling well, me resting a lot, not being able to hold her for several days, not being able to play with her, etc. She's been such a trooper. I told Paul the other night that I feel so guilty. This is not how I wanted to spend the last three weeks of the summer with her; especially with her starting kindergarten. So, I've been trying to decide what fun activity could she & I do one day that she would really enjoy. Several thoughts have crossed my mind, but nothing just really jumps out.

No worries. Yesterday as I was laying down Zoe brought a note to her daddy saying this:

She informed him that she wanted to go to H**ters for hot wings & then rent a scary movie to watch. Paul was blown away. First of all, yes, that is Zoe's writing. However, we have no idea when she wrote that note & who helped her. We are thinking perhaps Abbie did when she was here last. (Who knows!) He questioned her about the two things on her list. Of course she wanted to go to H**ters. Where else would you go for hot wings?! But after some discussion, she had second thoughts about the scary movie. In fact, she ended up telling Paul that maybe some other time she would like to watch a scary movie, but not just yet!

Well, this morning I woke up feeling the best I have felt in 2 weeks. I'm still sore, but not like I had been. So, after piddling around the house for the better part of the day, I finally gave in & told Zoe that I would take her to H**ters. She wanted to take a friend so Kaidyn came along as well as neighbors Mark & Janelle. (Paul was on call & couldn't go.)

Zoe enjoyed her hot wings (911 style if you really wanna know!), tater tots, & lemonade. But, I would guess her favorite part of H**ters was getting a balloon from another neighbor of ours, Rhianna, who happens to work there. Zoe & Kaidyn loved their balloons. In fact, they were enjoying a game of "hit each other with the balloons" when Zoe hit her boo boo that she had gotten earlier in the week at Aunt Angie's house. Well, it started bleeding so Rhianna got her a band-aid.

Wouldn't you know, when Zoe took the band-aid off tonight for her bath, this is what she saw:

Does that not look like an apple? Zoe informed me that it was perfect timing. You see, tonight Zoe started her school schedule for bedtime. (more on that farther down) She told me that it was meant to be that she re-injured her boo boo. It was a reminder that school starts in only a week!

Now, about the bedtime. Let me tell ya a little secret. Zoe is a night owl for the most part. After some discussion Paul & I came up with an idea about getting her to go to sleep earlier. You see, it doesn't matter what time you put her to sleep, she will stay awake as long as she wants. She doesn't care if there's nothing to do, she will talk & sing to herself all hours of the night.

Here's what we came up with: We told Zoe that we received a letter from her principal that informed parents what time students should be in bed on school nights. We even went as far as saying that the letter stated that there should be a nightly routine in place & that the routine should start tonight which is a week before school starts. (I know, I know....we are bad....) Well, so far so good. No complaints & she was even excited to start the routine.

However, I do have to tell you something funny. Tonight when we were at H**ters Kaidyn mentioned that she would like to come back to our house & play for a little bit. I quickly told Kaidyn that by the time we got back home it would be dark & Zoe needed to take a bath & get ready for bedtime. Zoe then turns to Kaidyn & said, "Don't you have to start your school routine tonight? You know, by going to bed early & going to sleep?" Kaidyn replied (with a funny look), "No." Zoe then said, "Huh. You must not have got the letter!!!!"

I thought I was going to fall over. How funny is that?! Let's just hope she doesn't figure out how ornery her parents really are. But hey...........whatever works right?!

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Stephanie said...

Oh my....she almost spoiled your plan :) We don't start until the 19th so we haven't started adjusting bedtimes yet...coming soon though. Allie might be the most difficult one...she's a handful at bedtime right now!

Hope you're feeling better!!! Glad you were able to get out for alittle while yesterday!