Wednesday, February 11, 2009


While we were waiting to bring Zoe home, there was one little girl who was just as excited as Paul & I - Abigail, our friends' daughter. I still remember the night that we told Abbie & her brother Bennett that we were adopting a little girl from China. They were both very thrilled & had numerous questions. However, we continue to get a kick out of Abbie's questions still today...

"How will they ship her here?" (Abbie thought that the mailman was going to deliver the new arrival just like he does the mail.)

After Abbie's mom told Abbie that she would be able to babysit when she got older, Abbie replied, "How will I talk to her?". (Abbie thought the baby would only talk Chinese. She was confused how any of us were going to communicate with the new arrival.)

Once our adoption paperwork was turned in, we quickly began working on the baby's room by painting & decorating. We chose a ladybug pattern (I'm assuming you all know the Ladybug legend in China?!) from JC Penney that included matching wallpaper border & bedding. Abigail drove her mother nuts wanting to buy anything & everything that had ladybugs on it.

The day our referral came Paul & I e-mailed all of our friends & family with the good news that we had been matched with a gorgeous little girl that we named Zoe Gwen. Upon seeing Zoe's picture Abbie was thrilled. She immediately started making all kinds of art projects with Zoe's name as well as for Zoe's room.

The time between referral & us arriving home with Zoe was about two & a half months. Abigail was there waiting for us when we walked off of the airplane with Zoe. Since that day, she & Zoe share a special bond that is like no other. As Zoe began talking, she immediately started calling Abbie "B" & continued that for a year or so.

Four years later I am positive there are times when Abbie gets tired of having to play with Zoe or hang out with her, but she never complains. Abbie continues to be the best friend Zoe could ask for. One thing is for sure - Zoe never tires of Abbie. Abigail will always be the one & only "B" Zoe will ever have!!!!


Stephanie said...

That's wonderful!!!! What a lovely picture of the two of them.

Cathy said...

Now that's a story with picture proof that they will both treasure forever!