Saturday, August 22, 2009

Orange is the New Fav!

Zoe's pre-school that she attended the last two years used the color behavior reward system:

Green = Good
Yellow = Warning
Red = Time Out with a Note to Parent

What a surprise to her when Mrs. Green, her kindergarten teacher, introduced the same color behavior reward system, but with a twist! She added the color orange.

Orange = Great

Much to our delight, Zoe brings her behavior sheet home each night in her parent/teacher communication folder (love that folder!!!) so we can see what color she got for the day. So far, so good. After one week of school, Zoe's on a roll! She received orange every day!


Lianna Knight said...

Yeah for Zoe!!!!

Stephanie said...

OH yes we have those color charts here is the best and Jacob got that last proud of himself :)

Excelent job Zoe!