Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dancing Queen

Last Thursday night Paul's dad's 50's/60's band, Danny & the Dreamers, played in Paul's home town for the town's Homecoming. We hadn't heard Paw Paw Frank's band in about 2 years so we headed down for some fun. And fun we had.

1st up: The roller coaster!

Love that look!!!!

Next: Zoe & Uncle Den Den heading to the Tilt-a-Whirl..

And the ride begins...

Zoe making the car twist & turn!!!!

Then over to the Hearts...

And spinning they go....

When the band started, it was time for a little relaxation & some popcorn!

Zoe decided she wanted to take her popcorn & sit on the stairs leading up to the stage where the band was playing so she could watch her Paw Paw.

Paw Paw playing his bass guitar.

Cousins Alex & Tiffany showed up & join Zoe on the steps!

During a break Zoe talked Daddy into showing her Paw Paw's guitar.

Daddy finally talked Zoe into dancing with him. Once she did, she was a dancing queen. She wouldn't get off the dance floor!

In fact, Zoe had been watching this women jitterbug with a friend most of the night & was very intrigued. What a surprise when this sweet lady took Zoe on the dance floor to dance with her!

Zoe loved dancing with her. It was amazing to watch Zoe take everything in while they were dancing.

It was a wonderful evening of family fun. Not only did we get to hear Paw Paw's band but we also enjoyed visiting with Uncle Mike & Aunt Stefanie. And, we stopped at my favorite custard stand on the way home for a dreamsicle twist ice cream cone. Couldn't get much better for a Thursday summer night.


day by day said...

What a perfect summer night!! So glad you all had such fun!!!

Stephanie said...

So cool! I love those hearts....they look fun!

jennifer said...

Looks like so much fun!! Great pics!!