Monday, August 31, 2009

Dad's Personal Helper

Paul is the commissioner of a fantasy N*scar league. Each week he spends a couple of hours researching who the best drivers are at certain tracks. He then makes his picks for that week's race & writes it in the official "Somewhat Redneck" fantasy N*scar score book with his lucky pen. Well, Zoe has taken an interest in his duties as commissioner. She has looked through the score book numerous times & often seeks her dad's input on what things say (cause she can't read his writing!!!) & mean.

Since starting kindergarten, Zoe takes every opportunity she can to write letters, words, & numbers. After supper tonight Paul needed to get the score book ready for this week's race in Atlanta. Somehow Zoe talked her way into being Dad's personal helper. And, I might add, did a very good job.

Using Dad's lucky pen to organize the score book.

Writing what Dad tells her to - with a smile no doubt.

This is Dad's writing....

And this is Zoe's.....

I think Paul better hang on to her as an assistant. Her hand writing is unbelievable & much easier to read than his. Hmm....not bad for a 5 year old!!!!

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