Sunday, August 2, 2009


Saturday afternoon a friend called to see if we had received our letter from the school notifying us who Zoe would have as her kindergarten teacher. We had not. (Quite honestly, since arriving home Thursday afternoon from the hospital I had not left the house. And, since our mail is delivered to our post office box, picking up the mail had been the last thing from our minds.)

So, Zoe begged her daddy to get in the car & drive to the post office to get the mail. While he was gone she started doing her cheer that she had made up earlier this summer - "I Want (clap clap) Mrs. Green (clap clap)!"

Sure enough, the letter was waiting for us. When Daddy came through the front door, he had the letter in his hands. Zoe couldn't get it fast enough!

Zoe opening the letter.

Waiting to hear who her teacher would be!

Can you guess who she got?


Zoe was singing & dancing! She is one happy girl!!!!

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