Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shark Week

Last week (I think it was anyway) Paul & Zoe watched several episodes on D*scovery's Shark Week. Apparently they were both enlightened on the documentary about the first known shark attack that took place in the early 1900's.

Well yesterday as we were riding in the car Zoe started asking all kinds of questions about sharks, their eating habits, why they attack, etc. She then started talking about the first known attack which happened to be to a little boy about 12 years old. The documentary told the story of how people jumped in the water to save the little boy from the shark.

Here's the rest of the conversation that took place between the three of us:

Zoe - So, why did those people jump in the water?

Paul - To save the little boy from the shark.

Zoe - Huh. Weren't they afraid the shark would attack them?

Paul - They probably weren't even thinking about that. They were just hoping to save the little boy.

Zoe - Would you jump in the water if there were sharks attacking me?

Paul - Of course I would.

Zoe - So you mean you'd jump in the water full of sharks to save me?

Paul - Yes.

Zoe - (she's quiet now. taking it all in.)

Paul - Would you jump in & try to save me?

Zoe - Uhhhh....Daddy, you're gonna to save yourself!!!!!

So then I ask.... Zoe, would you save me?

Zoe - Uhhhh...I'm sure Daddy would jump in to save you!

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Stephanie said...

:) I just love her mind!

day by day said...

That is too funny and some very wise answers! : )
She is braver than me....I can't even THINK about shark attacks....scary stuff!