Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Home & That's About All!

Yesterday's surgery was a success. Dr. Fix-it (No, that is not his name.) was able to break up my kidney boulder (2 cm stone) into millions of pieces & vacuum them out. He said there was nothing left of it except maybe a little dust. So, after a few hours in the hospital's recovery room, I was able to come home. Immediately upon arriving home, I made my way to our bed, took two pain pills, & began my sleep to recovery. Overall, I'm not doing too bad. Just very sore. The final procedure will take place next Wednesday when I go back to Dr. Fix-it to have the stent removed. Until then, you can expect I will be taking it easy & basically doing nothing!


Stephanie said...

I'm glad you did well and are at home resting!

Hey at least now you can read blogs all day :)

Jen said...

Sending good thoughts your way :)

Tisha Sargent said...

Glad to hear you are doing well! Rest well!