Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Will it be a Hooters Halloween?

Zoe & the Hooters girls!
Zoe's 5th birthday is this coming Saturday. Paul & I usually let Zoe choose where to eat for dinner on her birthday. However, this coming weekend we just have too much going on so we decided that we would take Zoe out for dinner last night. Wouldn't ya know? When Paul asked her where she wanted to eat to celebrate her upcoming birthday, she chose Hooters. (I think her father has brainwashed her!) So, is was off to Hooters.
Zoe was so excited when after finding out we were celebrating Zoe's birthday, our waitress gave her a balloon & a few stickers. (Of course, Zoe decided that not only did she need to wear one of the stickers, but I did too.) A few of the other waitresses then gathered around for a picture with Zoe. She was so cute about it. After the picture she immediately asked our waitress (the blonde next to Zoe) if they sold the Hooters outfits in her size. It caught me & Paul off guard. Our waitress told her that they do sell the shirt in Zoe's size, but not the shorts. In fact, they do not sell the orange shorts at all. They only keep a few pairs in stock for the waitresses. So, Zoe then talked her dad into getting her one of the white Hooters tank tops. She then asked me if I would look on the internet to see if we could find some orange shorts in her size. (Quite honestly, as little as our waitress was, Zoe could probably wear her size shorts!) When asked why she wanted a pair of orange Hooters shorts, she told us that she has now decided she doesn't want to be Mulan anymore for Trick-or-Treat. Instead? Yep, you guessed it - a Hooters Girl!


Lianna Knight said...

TOO FUNNY!!!!! I could NOT quit laughing at Zoe and this post :)

And what does Daddy think of this???

missy said...

Just found your site through Kim's at 3 peanuts. Oh my word! This post has me cracking up!!! Could Zoe be any cuter? You've got to give it to her, a Hooter's girl would be original : ) Just joking!