Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gunner Earns His Wings

It's with great sadness that I write this post. Several of you who have been following our blog for quite some time recall that I have mentioned Gunner Gillespie several times. He was an 8 year old boy from Marshall County, Kentucky who had an inoperable brain tumor. He's fought so hard over the last year, but his little body slowly gave out. Please keep his family in your prayers as Gunner earned his wings this afternoon. Many tears are being shed thinking of the little boy who was such an inspiration to others. However, the angels are singing as they welcomed a sweet little boy entering Heaven's gates.


Lianna Knight said...

Oh...I am so sad. I'll keep Gunner and his family in my prayers.

Lianna Knight said...

I just wanted you to check out my blog...if you haven't already! As of 24 hours...I have over $185 worth of donations to my chip-in and 40 comments! I have NEVER had more thatn 15 comments so far. Let me has only been 24 hours. I also had someone offer another chip-in prize.

I can NOT thank you enough have honestly been the root of this magnificent start to our IVF fund! Just amazing!

You are so blessed and I am SO blessed to have met you :)