Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super Saturday

Zoe & I headed to my nephew's freshman football game this morning. We had a great time except for when Zoe fell down in the bleachers. Thankfully she just ended up with a pretty big bump behind her ear. She hasn't complained about it since so she's gonna be fine. Here are a few pictures from today:

Zoe dressed up in Zack's girlfriend's old cheerleading uniform!

That'd be Zack - #11!

Getting ready to head on to the field.

Wonder what he's smiling about.....

Hanging out as time ticks off of the game clock! Another win!

Taking a little time out for Zoe after the game!

We couldn't leave cousin Blake out!

O.G.T. - Friends of ours daughter called this evening & wanted to come play with Zoe. What a wonderful idea!!! I got a lot of cleaning done while the two of them hung out together. I started at one end of the house & made my way down the hall. Didn't quite get all the way finished, but I plan to do the rest tomorrow! THANK YOU, ABIGAIL!

PS - Zack (my nephew) & my niece Courtney had their first high school homecoming dance tonight. I will post pics tomorrow!


Michelle said...

Hooray for the win!
And what a cute little cheerleader you have there!! Sorry about the fall. : (

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Lisa said...

Zoe looks adorable! Wouldn't you have loved to be her, hanging out with her super cool cousins? I forgot to mention on the last comment how totally IMPRESSED I am with her drawing and spelling! Gracie is still having trouble recognizing her own NAME. Brava, Zoe!!!!