Monday, October 13, 2008

Guess What? I'm It!

I've Been Tagged!

Lisa from A Motherlode has introduced me into blog tagging.

So, here I go with my 7 random &/or weird facts about myself:

1. I will not eat chicken that is on the bone. (After dissecting human bodies in mortuary school & having to pull the meat away from the bone, I just can't do it. Only boneless for this girl!)

2. When burning candles or tarts in my house, I must have the same scent burning throughout!

3. I shred everything that has any of our names on it. (A friend had her identity stolen a couple of years ago & still has not gotten it resolved. Never hurts to be too cautious.)

4. Hate talking on the telephone. I would rather text.

5. I try to send my nephew & niece in Louisiana a picture postcard of Zoe at least once a week. (We usually only see them twice a year so they enjoy keeping up with Zoe & her activities.)

6. I'm addicted to buying new candy. I know, it's weird. And what's really weird, I don't always try it. A lot of times I send it to my neighborhood kids who are away at college. I think they appreciate it though!

7. Believe it or not, I'm quite the homebody. To me there is nothing better than spending a Friday night laying around the house in my pj's reading a good book!

There you have it. Not so sure that's what you were hoping for, but that's what you got! Now it's my turn to tag 7 people. Who will it be?

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missy said...

I'm a homebody, too! Don't you just love it???
Thanks for including me in the fun! I just completed my post. Upon looking at your post, I think I aired a little bit too much dirty laundry...oh well : )

Thanks Heather..this was fun!

Lianna Knight said...

Thank you so much! You are so nice....and I must say I HATE talking on the phone too. My husband gets so aggravated with me when I am im'ing friends on the computer...he always says "pick up the phone and call them alreayd!" But I'd rather text or IM :)

Thanks agian for the award :)

Michelle said...

Oh, what I wouldn't give for a Friday night alone in my jammies with a good book and a Lifetime movie in the background. lol! One day...

I just saw that you have a care package oldest goes back to college in January and I will be getting in touch with you. She would LOVE that!!

Lisa said...

HEATHER!!! You did it! What a great job!!!! YOu made me giggle with your chicken on the bone thing! :) Hey, you can come over here anytime and hang in your jammies. We can just text each other from across the room...don't even have to chat. :) But I might gross you out when I start chompin on my chicken and gnawing on the grissle...mmmmm...yum! :) Thanks, Heather. You are a great sport!