Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Nothing thrills me more than a Friday night high school football game. I love the excitement, the energy, the togetherness. The season starts out with temperatures perfect for short sleeves & a jacket. However, by the end of the season you're bundled up & drinking hot chocolate just to keep your sanity. Nothing like it!!!!

Living in a small town (population 1,400) doesn't warrant the high school to have a football team. So, I must get my fix some other way. Thankfully my nephews - Zack, Blake, & Caleb - all play football, just not on Friday nights. Zack is a freshman this year & happened to play his first career high school football game last night in a town about 25 minutes from us. As you can imagine, I was excited about going. Zoe & I had fun watching Zack as well as visiting with Grandma Mary, Aunt Tracy, & Uncle Brent. Even though Zack's team lost by a touchdown, it was a good game. Zack played great. He had an awesome kick-off return & a couple of hard tackles. He is so quick & such a natural athlete. Of course, I had to take my camera & snap some pictures......

On the Side Line Watching the Action

Ready to Return the Kick-Off

Listening to Instructions from the Coach Boldt

Love the Orange Mouth Piece!

Going Back to His Position

After a Tough Play

At the game Zoe met up with two of her friends from the summer, Ahnna & Danielle, whose brothers both played on Zack's summer select baseball team. (Sorry, Janelle, but Ahnna doesn't remember you!) Anyway, while watching the game, Zoe talked Aunt Tracy into letting her have some lipstick & face powder that was in Aunt Tracy's purse. And, since I was taking pictures of Zack, Zoe thought I needed to take a few pictures of her.

What do You Think?

10 Minutes Later.....Looking at her Reflection to see if the Make-up is Still On!

(Don't you just love the outfit? She's into picking her own clothes out & this just happens to be her favorite outfit right now!!!!)

Zoe & I are off to the dentist again today for her 6th month check-up. I know, I know, she was just there last week. You would think they could have done everything in one appointment, but that's not how it works. In fact, Zoe has to go back to Dr. Kevin again next week for one more filling. I'm hoping nothing new is found at her appointment today. With her teeth though, anything is possible.....After the dentist we have to do a little shopping for parade candy. Zoe is in her final parade this Saturday since being crowned Jr. Miss last year. In just a few weeks she will be crowning the new Jr. Miss at this year's pageant.

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