Saturday, September 6, 2008

Super Saturday

Well, the swimming birthday party went off without a hitch. I think all of the kids had a great time even though the water was only about 78'. That didn't stop anyone from getting in. In fact, the kids said the water was warmer than the air. Who would have thought it would be 60ish degrees the first week of September in the Midwest? This time last year the local school was getting out at 11:30 AM each day for heat. Anyway, here's a few pictures from Garrett's 13th birthday party last night.....

Momma Denise showcasing a cupcake!

Jodi trying to escape with a piece of watermelon.

Shaina enjoying the nice cool swimming pool...

One big picture of all the kids.

This morning Zoe & I attended Zack's football game. Once again it was a good game, but Zack's team ended up losing with 1.9 seconds to go. It was a bizarre play to end the game. Nevertheless Zack played very good & had about a 60 yard punt return & 3 hard hits. He doesn't play much offense, but rather defense, & I just can't understand why. He can catch so well & run so fast. Maybe in time the coach(es) will realize that. (I know, I'm a little biased!)

After the game, Zoe & I rushed back home to get her ready for her last parade as Jr. Miss 2007. She was excited to get to ride in a convertible & throw candy out. She also got to see quite a few people she knew sitting along the parade route. Her friend Kaidyn is running for Jr. Miss this year so she was also in the parade.

Kaidyn smiling her pretty smile!

Yesterday on my way from school I stopped at Dollar General (also known as DG according to Zoe) to get a few things. Well, I saw this Tinker Bell costume & had to get it. Zoe was so surprised. She immediately had to put it on. The battery in my camera was dead so I had to charge it before I could take some pictures this evening. See what you think of our little Fairy in Pixieland!!!!

We were supposed to go to a wedding reception tonight, but Paul & I just decided that we were just too tired. We haven't really had any down time lately so we agreed that staying home & relaxing sounded pretty good.

Tomorrow is the kick-off for this year's Sunday School. Zoe has decided that if I would go with her then she will stay. So, I guess we're headed to Sunday School in the morning. I'm hoping that eventually she will stay there on her own. (I'll let you know how that goes.)

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