Monday, September 15, 2008

Nothing Like a Parade after a Storm

UPDATE ON MAGGIE: The vet checked Miss Mags out & said she did not feel a break of any kind. She gave Maggie a shot & sent her home with pain medicine for five days. (It could be a hair line fracture, but there is basically nothing they will do for that.) She told Paul if Maggie's walk has not improved in a couple of days then to follow up with our regular vet. As of this AM (Tuesday), Maggie was putting pressure on the leg. Still limping, but she is getting around!!!!

Well, Zoe's year as Jr. Miss 2007 is over! She did great at the pageant Friday night. Ella, one of her buddies from her first gymnastics class last summer, was crowned the new Jr. Miss for 2008. Her good friend Kaidyn was the first runner-up. It was fun watching all of the little girls do their song & talk to the emcee. Renee was named Queen for 2008, Alyssa was the first runner-up, & Lindsey was the second runner-up. I would've hated to have had to make that decision. All of the candidates did a super job.

Zoe had the opportunity to see several people at the pageant:

Brandy & Chuck (our neighbor kids) home from college!

Janelle (who sponsored her in the pageant last year) was also home from college!

Molly, Miss Illinois County Fair 2008, whom she met in January.

Saturday Zoe had to get fitted for the wedding that she is the flower girl in at the end of September. The dress is soooo cute - tea-length, cream colored, outlined in chocolate. We found the perfect shoes in chocolate no doubt!

Sunday we woke up to terrible storms. In fact, our fence was knocked down in two places, one where a tree fell on it. We are waiting to hear from the fence company that originally installed it to see what they say. Needless to say, the parade went on like usual. About two hours before parade time the storm moved out of the area. (It ended up being a gorgeous day!) Zoe was not too thrilled about the parade still happening because she was scheduled to be on two floats. The theme for the parade this year was - Many Countries, One World. So, two different organizations were doing China themes so they asked if she could ride on their floats with a Chinese outfit on. So, she picked out a Chinese dress that we had actually purchased while in China. I put her hair in a bun & then added chopsticks to it. She looked so cute. What do you think?

Here she is on one of the floats:

Well, as I was typing this our puppy Maggie just broke her leg. She had climbed up on the recliner & attempted to jump off (like she has a million times). Well, her back leg got caught in the foot rest part of the chair & just snapped. Her leg is definitely broke & possibly her hip. So, after making a call to the vet, Paul is on his way with Maggie to the Animal Hospital about 30 minutes away. As soon as he finds something out, he will call. I'll be sure to update when I know something.

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