Thursday, September 4, 2008

Moving On Up?????

Well, Zoe had gymnastics tonight & I was approached afterwards by Miss Emily, her instructor, that they would like to move Zoe up to the Minis. (If you remember right, we tried the Minis in the summer & Zoe absolutely hated it. She kept telling us she didn't like the big gym.) Anyway, the class that she's been in this session has also been in the big gym, but with Miss Emily instead of with Miss Brittany. Paul & I think Zoe was intimidated by Miss Brittany because she is loud. (Okay, I know what you're thinking, I'm loud also so how could Zoe not be used to that? Am I right, is that what you were thinking?!!!!) Anyway, after discussing the option with Zoe, she is willing to try it next week to see whether she wants to move up or not. One plus is that Miss Emily will be her instructor. We'll check it out & let ya know what Zoe decides.

Tomorrow night our friends' son Garrett is having his 13th birthday party (swimming party) at our house. Not sure how many friends he invited, but they'll have a good time. I'm just hoping that the rainy weather that we've had the last two days leaves our area. Otherwise, it won't be that fun & might even be best if it was rescheduled.

Saturday is going to be busy. Zoe & I are headed to my nephew Zack's football game (again in a neighboring town) in the morning. Then we will rush home to get Zoe ready for a late afternoon parade. The night will end with a wedding reception at a winery about 20 minutes from us. I can guarantee you that I will be trying to sneak in a nap Sunday afternoon!

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