Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A First in My Teaching Career

Before I began with my story of the day, I want to ask each of you to prayer for this dear family. They are currently in China adopting their little girl, Susannah. When arriving to meet her, they were informed that she is in the hospital clinging to life. They are trying desperately to get her home to Vanderbilt in the United States so she can receive the medical care that she needs. Please keep Charlie & Leslie in your thoughts & prayers.

Okay, on with the story...(I always say I should have written down all of my school stories since I've been teaching. I would definitely have a best seller!)..............In all nine years that I have been teaching, I have never had a parent come to school with their child for the day. That is until today!!!!! Apparently mom came in towards the end of school yesterday to speak to the principal & superintendent about the problems her son has been causing at home as well as at school. She asked & received permission to attend school with her son. She told the administrators that she had been warning "Ben" that if his attitude did not change at home & school then she was going to take a day off of work & go with him to school & hold his hand if need be. Well, she did it (except for the holding of hands). I think he was a little embarrassed. Mom arrived at school this morning right when the bell was ringing at 7:55 AM & walked beside her son down the hallway when school was letting out at 2:45 PM. She followed him from class to class & sat right beside him (as well as in the cafeteria). Not sure her attending school is going to change her son's attitude, but it was quite comical! I personally enjoy having "Ben" in my class so it was extra special to have mom today also. Not quite so sure that "Ben" thought the same though! Perhaps he will straighten his act up. When leaving school the mom did tell one of my co-workers that she had a delightful day & would decide tonight at home if she would be attending school again tomorrow. Can you imagine being a 7th grader & your mom go to school with you, following you from class to class? Would that be enough for you to change your attitude?!

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