Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cheerleading 101

My friend Jimmie flew in yesterday to attend our 20th class reunion this weekend. Zoe & I had the pleasure of picking him up from the airport. Even though Jimmie & I talk often, it had been 10 years (our last reunion) since I had seen him. And, it was like we had never skipped a beat. We have a great time together - laughing, laughing, & more laughing. Our personalities compliment each other. In fact, if we were together more often, we'd probably get in TROUBLE!!!!

Before dropping Jimmie off at his mom's house in our hometown, he conducted a cheer clinic for the junior high school cheerleaders (& Zoe!!!) in my small town. You see, Jimmie owns Storm Cheer, a cheer/tumbling/dance facility in Houston. Cheering is his specialty, & I can see why.

Jimmie demonstrating a move.

Madalyn & Ashley going through the motions.

Learning chants - look who joined in on the fun!!!

Zoe is a little ahead of Shaina in the cheer!!!

Having the time of her life!!!

Showing off her handstand.

And her bridge kick-over.

As she gets ready to kick over.

(Notice the tongue sticking out - True concentration!)

Look Mom - No hands!

Just like the big girls!

Miss Thang!!!

Reviewing a chant.

Stunting - Don't worry, they didn't drop him!

After three hours of hard work!

The girls (& of course, Zoe) had a great time. A few of them stopped by the house last night & the cheer clinic is all they could talk about & do (meaning cheer after cheer after cheer, get the idea!). Of course, Zoe was right in the middle of them doing her thing!

Now that Zoe's gotten a taste of "real" cheerleading, she is pumped. We saw an advertisement for a cheerleading camp next Tuesday for her age at a local college so I signed her up. As you can imagine, Zoe is soooo excited. She cannot wait to attend her first real cheer camp. (Just hope it's as good as Jimmie's!)


a Tonggu Momma said...

Delurking to say that this brought back fun memories for me. My momma was a cheerleading coach when I was in preschool... and I was a mascot with a mini uniform and everything. Loved seeing photos of your little mascot, too!

jennifer said...

How fun! Can't wait to see reunion pics! Mine was last week!

Missy said...

How much fun is your friend??? I love that Zoe jumped right in and joined the fun. She has already got some mad skillz :)