Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bops to Chips

Paul & I knew we were in trouble when we were in China adopting Zoe & he introduced her to potato chips. Paul just happens to be a potato chip freak so when he saw the bag of plain L*ys Potato Chips at the 7-11 in Chuzhou, he had to have them. (It didn't matter that they were about 8 US $! He was determined to have them.) Upon arrival back at the hotel he opened the bag & immediately hooked Zoe. From that day on she has loved her chips. In fact, shortly after arriving home from China, Zoe began calling potato chips - Bops. (Have no idea where she came up with that one!) When she was little she would ask for Bops all of the time, even going so far as standing at the pantry shelves & pointing to the chips.

Not much has changed, if she could get away with it, she would to this day eat potato chips for breakfast, snack, lunch, etc. However, instead of Dad's bag of plain L*ys, her flavor & brand of choice these days are Jalapeno Kr*nchers! The spicier the better!

So, yesterday as she was devouring a new bag of Jalapeno Kr*nchers, she was amazed to find this:

Her very own Jalapeno Nem* Kr*ncher!!!!

(Picture's a little blurry, but Zoe took it herself & was so excited that she'd found a treasure! She even mentioned trying to sell it on Eb*y. What do you think?!!!! Do you see millions in our future?!)


day by day said...

That's so cool! Who can blame her?...potato chips are so good...especially with dip! : )

Stephanie said...

that's a mighty cool chip!!!!