Wednesday, July 15, 2009

34 Days 'til Kindergarten

Well, kindergarten is getting closer & closer. Zoe is so excited she can hardly contain herself. She's been practicing her letters & numbers & writing all of the words she knows.

Last night Zoe had to get her shots & lab work done for kindergarten. She was great with the finger stick for the lead test. Likewise with the urinalysis, even though it took three tries before she had to pee!! However, when it came to getting the three shots, that was a different story. She cried & cried & screamed & screamed! In fact, I ended up having to basically hold her down so the nurse could stick her. Once it was completed, Zoe was back to her old self again.

This morning though Zoe woke up with a sore arm (normal) & a fever (also normal). Zoe is prone for high fevers so I am watching her today. So far the fever has not come down any & she is just basically laying around. Her sweet friend Avery was supposed to come over to play, but I postponed that to another day. It's a cloudy dreary day so what better way to spend it than by staying inside & watching TV? Just wish Zoe felt better.

Here's a few pictures of Zoe right before we left for the health clinic last night. You can see, she was her happy-go-lucky self!


Stephanie said...

She is so beautiful!

Jacob starts this year too but I'm dreading it. I am gonna miss his obnoxious little self so much and just can't believe that he's starting k5 this year. Seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant with him :(

Missy said...

She is so beautiful, Heather! I love how self confident and sassy she is :) I'm sorry she isn't feeling herself...shots are never any fun. She will be one great Kindergartener!!!

Cathy said...

Bless her heart...hope she's feeling better. I'm sure a day of vegging in front of the TV with her Mamma did the trick!