Sunday, February 1, 2009

Little Rocket Cheerleader

Zoe had so much fun cheering at the boys' varsity basketball game last night. Here are several (okay, a lot) of pictures of her being a little "Rocket Cheerleader":

Arriving at the gym at 6:30 PM

Sitting with friends - Jordan, Kaidyn, & McKenzie

Lining up to hit the players' hands when they run out.

Taking her place on the gym floor.

Getting ready to start.

What a beautiful smile!

Zoe & McKenzie listening for the music.

Striking a pose...

With the entire group...

Zoe & Kaidyn


Go Big Blue!

Waving at Mom!

Getting ready to jump!

Running off the floor...

Reagan, Kaidyn, & Zoe

Zoe & Hannah

Zoe & Kiersten (her instructor)

Little Miss Zoe - a Rocket Cheerleader

After making their cheerleading debut, all the girls returned to sit in the stands with their parents. Just so happened that Grant, one of Zoe's daycare buddies, was sitting in front of us. Rather than watch the rest of the basketball game, the two of them played trains.


Janelle said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Zoe looks so darn cute and I can't believe how grown up all those girls look. PS... the pic of Kaidyn and Zoe is my new background!

Lianna Knight said...

I can NOT get enough of those dimples!!! She is definitely a cheerleader in the making :)

Cathy said...

Zoe has to be the cutest thing don't know what! And obviously a the orange and blue...Go Gators!

jennifer said...

She is such a cutie. I could eat her up!! Looks like she had a blast.

Kimi said...

I think you have a natural born cheerleader. Zoe is precious and that smile....that smile is BEAUTIFUL...those dimples are too too cute!