Saturday, February 7, 2009

NO Shadow for Our Groundhog!

On Fridays when we pick Zoe up from daycare she always has a load of papers in her book bag for us to look at it. Aside from the usual Friday note, it's always fun to see what she has worked on all week & what creations she has made in pre-k. Here is what we found yesterday:

Our Own Little Groundhog!

(Who by the way did NOT see her shadow as she is ready for Spring!)


Kimi said...

That is the cutest little groundhog I've ever seen! So glad she didn't see her shadow. I'm ready for Spring myself!


Cathy said...

I never knew a groundhog could be so cute!

Stephanie said...

It feels like spring here today! high 60s and it was Heaven :)

She's adorable!!!