Thursday, February 12, 2009

Far Away Friend

The other night Zoe & I attended a basketball game at my school. Not only was Zoe thrilled to see several of my students (especially the cheerleaders!!!), but she was particularly excited to see her friend Morgan, one of my co-worker's daughters who she calls her "Far Away Friend"! (even though we only live about 30 minutes apart)

Living in different towns & with school in session, these two do not see enough of each other. Right when Zoe walked in the door, they each ran to each other with their arms wide open. It amazes me how their friendship is just like adults - their conversation seem to pick up right where it had left off about two months ago! They enjoyed each other's company throughout the game & said goodbye by reminding each other they' d meet up again April 23rd on Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Zoe even went so far as to mark it on her calendar when we got home! (just in case I would forget!)

Zoe & her "Far Away Friend" Morgan


Stephanie said...

Oh she'll have a blast on "work day" :) So much fun!!!

Missy said...

Sounds like SO much fun!!! Zoe's little smile always puts a big one on my face!