Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Do You Think I Said?

This weekend I have been cleaning out closets, getting rid of clutter, & listing things on Ebay to sell. Well, it was beautiful here yesterday - in the 60's. So, Paul took Zoe outside to play in the backyard so I could get in her closet & weed things out.

I found 3 hats that she has NOT played with in probably a year or so. I wasn't going to pitch them, but yet send them to Half the Sky which will use them in China for the children in the orphanages they serve to play dress-up. Well, needless to say, Zoe found them in my "getting rid of clutter stack" & immediately put one on & said in such a sweet voice, "Mama, can't we keep these? I love them & so does my froggy." So, can you guess what my reply was????.....

Of course, we'll be keeping them!!!! (& buying Half the Sky different ones for their dress-up program.)

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Now those are adorable and such a sweet little girl! I just love her pics..she truly doesn't take a bad picture!!!!!