Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kissin' Cousins!!!

The past few days have been very stressful & tiring, as you can imagine. Uncle John's funeral was a very nice testament to him & his wonderful, caring personality. (I must admit, I was waiting for the soloist to bust out in song - Big John....Big Bad John!!!!!) He will always be remembered as a loving husband, father, friend, etc. He will forever be my #1 uncle, very dear to my heart.

However, as stressful as the last couple of weeks have been, Zoe seems to have found a new boyfriend, EJ, my cousin Kathy's 18 year old son. Zoe latched on to him one night at the hospital last week. Since then, she has talked about him non-stop. So, you can imagine how excited Zoe was when she saw EJ walk into the funeral home for the visitation. Throughout the night she colored, ate cookies, took walks, etc. with him. When we went out to eat, she had to sit by him & he ended up holding her for over an hour. She keeps telling Paul & I that EJ is her boyfriend. So, I guess that would make them KISSIN' COUSINS! (The rule is only with first cousins, correct?! That's what we're banking on!)

Kissin' Cousins - Zoe & EJ

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Lianna Knight said...

Too too cute!! I can't tell you how much she makes ME smile when I see her cute little smile. She is so happy!!