Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Close to Turkey Time

You can tell that the holidays are fast approaching. My students have been nuts the past two days. Luckly we get out early tomorrow & then it's a four-day weekend! (I must admit that I am equally excited!)

I know it's been a while since I've posted. Things have been quite crazy around here. Paul & I were in Chicago this past weekend for a school board convention. Not only was the conference very informative, but the festivities that went along with it were even better! On Saturday at dusk Chicago's annual Christmas parade & fireworks were held. It was fun watching from inside the hotel as Santa rolled into town. Zoe had a great weekend with her Nana & PawPaw. She attended a couple of basketball games of her cousins, went shopping, & even sat on Santa's lap at the mall.

Tomorrow Zoe has a short pre-school Thanksgiving program. She has been practicing her songs for about a week & a half so I think she's ready. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend. So, I'm sending Paul with the video camera as well as the digital camera. It'll be interesting to see what we end up with!!!!!

Tomorrow evening Paul is having his annual guy "Thanksgiving Eve" card party at our house. Zoe & I will be doing our usual thing as well - going to the movies. She has decided she wants to see Bolt, the kid movie about a dog. So, we'll make a night out of it. (out to eat, movies, shopping, ice cream, etc.) No reason to hurry home. Paul & his buddies won't be leaving anytime soon!

Thanksgiving day Paul is on call. He's staying home while Zoe & I go to my sister Tracy's for lunch. Zoe is very excited as she will get to hang out with her cousins! Thursday night we are going bowling with my cousin Kathy & her family. I haven't been bowling in years. That could be very interesting!

The rest of the week has us going to basketball games & perhaps doing a little shopping. I also hope to get my Christmas cards & decorations organized. On Sunday Paul, Zoe, & I are headed to an NFL game. Not so sure it will be a good game, but the nachos are always worth it.

Don't know if I will be posting again before Thanksgiving. I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday & enjoy spending time with family & friends. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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Lianna Knight said...

I hope you Thanksgiving was a blessed one :)