Monday, November 10, 2008

Hooters Girl - Coming Soon!!!

Well, last Thursday I had parent teacher conferences at my school that lasted well into the night. Upon arriving home, Zoe met me at the door very excited. What had arrived at our house - yep, you guessed it - Hooters shorts! Come to find out our neighbor girl, Rhianna, has started working at Hooters & actually brought over a pair of the real Hooters orange shorts just for Zoe. (If you remember, I was bidding on a pair on Ebay. Well, someone must have needed them worse than I did because they outbid me by a mile!) Anyway, Zoe was so excited. She already had her pj's on so there was no encouragement on my part for her to try them on right away. I was hoping to showcase "Zoe the Hooters Girl" this weekend, but with everything going on with my uncle, we just haven't had time. We're headed out of town for a few days for the visitation & funeral. So, you're gonna have to wait a couple more days until we're back home & things have settled down. Be on the look out - Zoe, the Hooters Girl, will be coming to a computer near you!

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Lisa said...

You go, Zoe! I LOVE that she wants to be a Hooters Girl, Heather. :) That girl cracks me up!