Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lovin' the Cousins 'n Basketball!

Last Saturday afternoon Zoe, Brandy (the neighbor girl who was home from college), & I attended my cousin EJ's college basketball game. Zoe was loving it. She was not only excited to have the opportunity to go someplace with her "sissy" (as she calls Brandy), see her new boyfriend EJ, but also to get to spend time with EJ's siblings, Ian & Haley. However, there was an added bonus (x2) - Ian's girlfriend Meredith & Haley's boyfriend Phillip! The whole gang was there - EJ's parents along with Meredith's dad.
Last night we attended another one of EJ's basketball games. Zoe once again took in every minute she could hanging out with cousins Ian & Haley plus Meredith. Much to my surprise, Meredith's dad gave me some pictures that he had taken at the game on Saturday. Here's just a glimpse of the 44 pictures that he gave me!

While walking back from the concession stand with Ian, Zoe was looking pretty hard to get someone's attention. Who could it be?......................

Well, of course................EJ!!!!!!

Zoe & Meredith

She's excited about something!

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Miss Anne said...

She's the cutest little peanut I've ever seen! :) Just wanna squeeze her! :) I bet she had so much fun!