Saturday, November 8, 2008

Better or Bitter..............You Choose!

Whew! Time to take a breath. Do you ever look back on a week (or two) & just sigh in relief? That's what I am doing today. The last couple of weeks have been so hectic that I can't keep everything straight. Besides the everyday hustle & bustle that goes with work, home, & keeping up with a five year old, we've experienced a family heartbreak as well.

A week ago this past Wednesday, my uncle went in for an emergency appendectomy. What usually is a routine surgery ended up being not so routine. Uncle John was taken to the Intensive Care Unit & never regained consciousness. After numerous tests & consultations with several doctors, the decision was that everything that could possibly be done had been done. There was nothing else to do. So, yesterday the decision was made to take him off of life support & let him die peacefully. With his daughter & daughter-in-law by his side, he died last night about 9:20.

Now that brings me to my title of this post. Bitter or Better? One day last week we had an assembly at school. It featured a former pro-wrestler who is now a motivational speaker. His platform is Bitter or Better. Meaning we choose our emotions. We can either take a situation & make it worse or look for the positives in the situation & make it better.

I am trying very hard to look for the positives in Uncle John's death. I want to make the situation better. So, in doing so, I want to share one of my favorite moments with him:

When I was in junior high, Uncle John took my cousin Cheryl & I to a major league baseball game. On the way to & from the game we ate at White Castle. The three of us decided that we would keep all of the little boxes the burgers came in & throw them in the floorboard of my aunt's car to represent my cousin Sean's car (which we named Meals on Wheels - there was trash everywhere!). Well, Aunt Ginny didn't think this was too funny. Not only did she not like all of the trash, but she says it took about 6 months for the smell to escape the care! (I'm sure Uncle John caught hell for quite some time!)


day by day said...

I am so sorry, Heather!! How nice for you to have those fun times to remember him with!! ((hugs))

Missy said...

Heather, I so very sorry for your loss. I will pray for you all as you go through this difficult time.

I just lost my dad suddenly six months ago and I still have days that I am bitter, but your post makes me want to be better. Your words touched me today. Thank you!

Jen said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Isn't it fitting how we always remember the funny and silly moments that we had with our loved ones? I hope that story pops into your head every once in a while and it makes you smile :)

Lisa said...


I just came by to catch up on your blog and read about the loss of your sweet uncle. I'm so sorry for your loss, Heather! What a rough week. He sounds like he was a very special and fun uncle. Glad he left you so many fun memories....