Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lovin' My Cousins!

Zoe's cousin & our niece Courtney stayed with a us for a few days last week. It's always so much fun watching Zoe & her cousins. Zoe loves playing with them all & getting them to do what she wants to do!!!! (Not so sure if they enjoy playing with her as much as she does them!!!) Anyway, while Courtney was here we attended the local county fair pageant & parade & then on Tuesday night Courtney & I saw an outdoor musical. The show was good & Courtney was very excited since this was the first time she had been to this particular outdoor theater. After 5 nights of being with her crazy aunt, uncle, & cousin, it was time for Courtney to go back home. When Zoe found out Courtney was going home she said, "Can't you just stay forever & be my sister!!!!!"

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