Thursday, July 24, 2008

Around the House

Yesterday was spent doing chores around the house: laundry, balancing the checkbook, more laundry, dusting, even more laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, another load of laundry, .....(You get the idea!). Paul was busy at work so it was just Zoe & I. However, two of Zoe's cousins, April & Rose, came over in the afternoon & swam. Zoe enjoyed their company. They are always good with her. Plus, it was great for me because it allowed me to get some things done.

Tonight we are going to my nephew Blake's baseball game. He is playing for the tournament championship. If his team wins, they will advance to the World Series for their age division. That would take place next week. So, good luck, Blake!

We are counting down the days until we leave for Disney World - 9! We are all looking forward to it, but I think Zoe is REALLY looking forward to it. We've tried to explain to her several times that it is going to be a long ride in the car. We are going to break it up by stopping to spend the night on the way down, but it will still be long. I'm going to surprise her with some "goodies" for the trip to occupy her travel time - coloring books, stickers, new movies, etc. Anyway, you can bet that I will be busy trying to organize everything this next week.

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