Saturday, July 26, 2008

World Series or Bust!!!!

Zoe & her "Tricky Cousin" Zack

Well, Zack's team won the tournament championship last night so they are now headed to the World Series for their age division in Bay City, Michigan. (The pitcher threw a no-hitter! That made the game even more exciting.) Paul, Zoe, & I enjoyed watching the game as well as visiting with family & the friends we've made from the ball team. My sister Tracy & her husband Brent now have to decided who is going where, Michigan or northern Illinois where their youngest (Blake) plays. Unfortunately, Zack & Blake play in separate locations, but on the exact same days. Zoe & I would love to go watch either cousin play, but we have too much to do before heading to Disney World. We hope both Zack & Blake come away from each of their tournaments with a World Series Championship!!!!

Zack checking out the action.

Waiting for the play at shortstop.

Isn't he a cute kid?

Shows that hard work pays off.

Last night at Zack's game Zoe had a great time. She played with her friends: Haley, Danielle, & Ahnna. Several of us had a good chuckle because there was a group of kids (including the 4 girls) who were playing tag. There was a certain area that was base. Zoe would not leave the base. When Paul asked her why she wouldn't leave the base she told him so she wouldn't ever have to be it. For never having played tag before, she picked up on that very quickly!

Getting the glow sticks ready for the girls.

Waiting on base.....1001, 1002, 1003.......

She got bored on base so she started doing cartwheels!

Acting silly......Hayley, Ahnna, Danielle, & Zoe

Ending the night with a cheer.

We had the opportunity to see my niece Gracie last night. She is soon going to be 7 months old. It just seemed like yesterday my sister called saying that she & her husband had been chosen to adopt Gracie. Let me tell ya, she is a cutie. It's amazing how her big brown eyes follow Zoe wherever she goes. Those two are going to have so much fun growing up together.

Gracie & her bright eyes!

Hey, punkin!

Loving her tongue....

Today, we are bumming at home. We have a lot of housework & yardwork that has been neglected for quite some time. It must be done before vacation. Enjoy your weekend!

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